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The Diaper People - Dumpster Fire 134


The Adult Baby Diaper Lover community is getting a spa. Tucker Carlson gets burned by Putin and gets a new nickname from Bridget. Taylor Swift is a deep state plant. And Gen Z discovers loud budgeting.

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0:00 - Introduction

0:50 - What Is Happening?

4:54 - Join Phetasy

5:57 - America's Too Fat For A Civil War

9:25 - Sheath Underwear

10:25 - Russia So Russian

15:05 - Sprained My Eyes

19:18 - Capitalism Always Wins

22:46 - Weather

24:13 - WOMEN!

26:12 - We're All Gonna Die

28:02 - Gen Z Discovers

30:17 - Dumpster Diving

32:41 - Breaking Bridget

37:55 - Phetasy News

40:00 - The Internet Is Glorious


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