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Star Wars Acolyte - Millions of Voices Cried Out In Terror

Dumpster Fire 145

Biden proclaims Elder Abuse Awareness day, are we all ignoring his cries for help? Hunter Biden is convicted on gun charges, Chiquita Banana financed a Colombian paramilitary group and Disney continues its destruction of the Star Wars franchise with The Acolyte. Climate change LARPers spray paint Stonehenge, the Surgeon General tries to warn about the dangers of social media, that Amazon tribe was NOT addicted to porn, and the mainstream media tries to gaslight us into believing we don't all know what a senile old man looks like.

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0:00 - Senile-In-Chief

4:26 - This F*ckin Guy

5:20 - Capitalism Always Wins

6:55 - Sprained My Eyes

10:55 - Sheath Underwear

12:07 - Parade of Morons

14:32 - Weather

14:57 - Okay, Boomer

18:29 - Beyond Parody

21:13 - Quest & BON CHARGE

23:24 - Dumpster Diving

27:18 - Breaking Bridget

33:10 Phetasy News

33:55 - Internet Is Glorious


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