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I like the Thanos reference lol. I agree that: Time, Dedication, Effort, Discipline = (non) limiting factors for becoming better at anything. People need to learn to take information that does not mesh with their ideology, and do some critical thinking of ideas outside the echo chamber. It reminds me of the South Park where people are obsessed with smelling their own farts. In all reality history is just a neverending repeat.

The Demoncraptics/Repubelicans/Libtard are all in bed together. Nobody will help or hold your hand. Learn the hard way, build character, grow, change etc... if you never learn from your mistakes in life, how does a person change? Don't conform. Go against the grain. Be the innovator not the evil Sheeple group thinkers. If the government can censor/burn/redifine things in the current world... What has already been deleted and rewritten ?

I imagine Thanos snapping his fingers and people actually losing their minds. If Thanos could replace the mind, with what would he replace it?

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