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(Raising my fist in Gen-X trauma solidarity.) I'm beside you in the movement toward ethical capitalism or goodbye shopping addiction (twitch.) (Insert raised fist emoji; I'm an old-ish.) 💜

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I've found misdirected anger to be a helpful coping mechanism.

Don't get me started on Fashion Week.

Or Megan and Harry.

Or my sister-in-law.

Or the little hotel bottles of shampoo.

My rage needs a concrete target. I can't process the overwhelming abstraction of suffering.

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Dude can we just have a moment of solidarity where we ask: why the fuck are Harry and Meghan going on about the environment from the deck of their private jet??? Why isn’t this more of a thing???

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Hypocrites In Space

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For goodness sakes, with all the nutters who get fired up about a hogwarts video game, you’d think some of that energy would be directed at improving the lives of people who are actually suffering. When I think about something like slavery in the Congo, I’m reminded that in some ways, we don’t have it much better in the grand old US of A. (Our lives our mostly way, wayyy better, don’t kill me. But.)

Our food and air are poison, and there doesn’t seem to be any route available towards living a life that is healthy and sustainable. A New York Times article that came out a few weeks ago about lead in baby food is just one example of the state of things that make me so fucking angry. It’s like “oh, there’s tons of lead in all food (even organic) and it harms everyone, but it’s particularly harmful to babies. But LOL, they don’t have to test it before they send it off to consumers.”

I guess my point is that corporations are fucking us all, regardless of where we are. Corporate greed (and consumer passivity) has overcome any concern for human beings and their state of health. The obesity rates in this country prove that. It makes me sad and angry and also feel so helpless. I don’t really know how not to be bogged down by this every day, and I think about it all the time. I guess the proactive steps to take would be:

get rid of this stupid blood phone

Start a greenhouse, or find a farm in the states that will sell directly to consumers and support it.

Pray some more.

Raise some chickens

Shoot a moose or two and slay a bunch of salmon (I’m in Alaska)

Find some companies that offer alternatives to things made by slaves.

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