Did you say "holetox"? So I googled it. "Patients receive HoleTox, otherwise known as anal botox, to make receiving anal sex (bottoming) easier. Anal botox can be used to prevent anal fissures and hemorrhoids, both of which are common occurrences in the bottoming community." I know I'm not supposed to laugh but at "bottoming community," I couldn't help it. Hey bottoming community, your buttholes look like Nancy Pelosi.

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

When you're having fun your eyebrows are too scarey for me.

I once had a girlfriend.

So I kinda know girls grimace when they are having fun. It seems it's always the same contorted rigor: maybe it's the same for you looking up at us.

Anyways, is there more clevage/nip definition behind the paywall? I'm a presbyterian and trust me, you do not want to take my money under false pretences. I know who did my great-great grandfather down two quarter farthing coins in the summer of 1876 standing in God's bright midday sunshine by Hope Dock, Aberdeen: do not draw that fate upon yourself.

ps. my two best drinking mates when I was in Dublin for a contract during foot'n'mouth were from Ayrshire ... so I'm not a sectarian bigot. I'm a croc-jabber


I lived in the juncle in Malaya when I was young. I witnessed sucessful witchdoctory. "Vaginal tightening syringes". Surely this is a metric whereby we've gone too far.


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