Too Smart To Be This McTarded - Dumpster Fire 135


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What's bad for America is great for Dumpster Fire. Tucker Carlson discovers poor people stuff. A 90 year old volunteer is fired because of pronouns. Bridget is the Basic B*tch of the Culture Wars.

0:00 - Introduction

0:52 - Capitalism Always Wins

6:51 - We're Living In A South Park

14:14 - RIP/BDE

15:32 - Important Stories We're Ignoring

16:28 - Sheath Underwear

17:29 - Never Woke Enough

19:48 - Weather

20:15 - Siri, Please Take My Life

25:40 - Manscaped & Factor

27:57 - Beyond Parody

30:34 - Dumpster Diving

31:45 - Breaking Bridget

37:32 - Phetasy News

38:50 - The Internet Is Glorious


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