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The Aliens Are Coming - Dumpster Fire 124

Did Mexico really just reveal some alien bodies? Will Commiefornia take your kids away and sterilize them? Has the avocado toast guy ever met a pleb? Does everyone think Bridget is rich?

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0:00 - Introduction

2:29 - Chickens Come Home To Roost

7:14 - Aliens Among Us

10:39 - Olds-In-Charge

12:40 - Beyond Parody

15:30 - Commiefornia

20:28 - Weather

20:54 - This F*cking Guy

24:47 - Get Rekt, Big Tech

26:06 - Siri, Please Take My Life

28:40 - Dumpster Diving

30:34 - Breaking Bridget

42:59 - Phetasy News

41:50 - The Internet Is Glorious


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Beyond Parody with Bridget Phetasy
Dumpster Fire with Bridget Phetasy
Dumpster Fire is a satirical show, created and hosted by comedian Bridget Phetasy, that takes a look at the week in news, current events, and politics. We make burgers out of your sacred cows. Delicious.