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First off, Bridget. I know you must get a ton of letters, but picking this needle out of the haystack, such a great letter.


I couldn't agree more. I too, from a "fuck you" standpoint. I hate, literally hate both parties. One party for forcing this bullshit down our throats. The other party becaus e they sit around and get rich off of stocks that they control, in policy. Yes, insider trading. On top of that, the other party just sits by while everything is being destroyed. They allow it, and enable it. It's the uniparty! I lean right on economics as well and center on social issues. Pretty dead on. I am also a nay on wars, paying and buying more wars, and these days, neither party stands for that so I guess I am out in left field on that one, as far as which party that aligns to.

This letter is one of my favorite ones. It's going to be a long summer and a barn burner in November. Buckle up. Because we haven't even remotely have seen what is coming. There is an assembly line of shit that is going to be thrown at us citizens that just want to live a life. Oh, and taxes....don't get me started on that....

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