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This raises an issue I've been thinking about recently ... the notion that "I didn't leave the left, the left left me" ... I believe first popularized by Ronald Reagan who said the same thing about the Democratic Party.

It seems like it's been a consistent theme over the years ... people on the left become disenchanted with the left and move right ... red pilling, etc. Just look at the folks like Bridget recently who've become radicalized over gender or immigration or covid or free speech or whatever.

So my question is ... why don't we see something similar on the right? Maybe we do and I just don't notice it ... but where are people saying "you know, I've always been a conservative but these folks are just too crazy about free markets or low taxes (or whatever ) and now I find more in common with AOC".

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Well said and great comment from Seth 👆👆

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She say's that MAGA is a cult but all this gender nonsense is more Cult like than anything I see. Just look at Trumps views on abortion versus maybe 80% of MAGa voters.

She also has to look at other things.

No new wars started by the CIA (to busy trying to take down Trump I expect lol.)

Very low illegal migration.

The Abraham accords.

No war in Gaza.

No war in Ukraine.

The economy before COVID.

I hope she see's my comment because there's still bad things Trump did.

Operation Warpspeed.

Not pardoning Snowdon or Assange.

I'm sure there's others but they were the first to pop into my head.

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I can't help but agree with everything being put forward here.

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Both the left and right have changed from what they were, say, 20 years ago. They no longer stand for many of the same things as they did. For me, I was on the left - anti-war, anti-imperialist, pro-free speech, pro-civil rights, against surveillance, government secrecy, police brutality, the death penalty, corporate monopolies, oil companies, Wall Street crooks, tax breaks for the wealthy and the CIA, for clean air, clean water and open space and equal opportunity for everyone, gay marriage and campaign finance reform. I agreed with Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders. I voted for all the Democratic Party's presidential candidates from 1972 to 2012. I stopped in 2016 because by then the Democratic Party had abandoned all of what I supported and even opposed to much of what I have always supported. It has become unrecognizable to me. Needless to say, the Republican Party was bad and has become even worse. Trump or no Trump, it holds no attraction for me. I have not moved right or embraced the middle.

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This is a well thought out post. I feel ya. Yes, I am a Republican. Do I agree with the whole platform? Hell no. And they suck at the politics game. The let the left do what they want without challenge. I would give my left nut to get rid of both parties, all parties, so that no one is accused of towing the party line. I want someone that can lead, with great ideas. More so, I want a representative that is not blackmailed. This is the current problem. I know this will sound tin foil hat to many, but it's not. People (Republicans) are leaving, retiring in droves, for no apparent reason. The Speaker of the House is flip flopping like crazy.....for no "apparent" reason. These people that run for election, get elected, then promptly get "honeypotted" by women (or men, who knows) and then the FBI/CIA/NSA, whatever 3 letter agency it is, and it's all over. "Vote this way or we will out you." Get rid of parties, period. Greatest country on earth is a shit show. There is a way to be a leader of the world, without being a dick, care about the environment, without going full green off of the rails. Protect allies, without funding endless wars and the making the people in the military complex club rich. Please teleport me back into the 60's. Damn, this should have been a Politically Homeless post, just from a comment. The world is upside down. Dems used to care about the average worker, etc. Republicans used to try and keep things in check by the rule of law and a moral compass, God, or whatever. These days, everyone is paid off, blackmailed or just fucking crazy.

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I have to push back on your "no apparent reason" comment concerning Republicans retiring. Many of the Republicans that are retiring are fairly serious people, or at least people that want to get things done. Congress is no longer a serious place, and so I don't know that your "no apparent reason" theory holds up. Many of them are giving reasons for retiring and congress not being a place where you can get things done is high one the list. Although they aren't saying this out loud, Republicans know Trump is in charge of the party, and maybe some of them don't want to work in chaos, which he always brings. His family is over the RNC now, so if you aren't a die-hard fanboy/girl, you don't really have a place in the party any longer.

Go look up the committees that Rep. Mike Gallagher was on and think about the timing of his retirement in relation to Trump taking money from Jeff Yass, and then tell me there's "no apparent reason" he retired. Mike Gallagher is a talented and serious politician, someone we should want in congress and he's had it. Think about the people that are staying and the people that leaving. Would you want to get up and go to work every day with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert or Matt Gaetz? No apparent reason? I can think of a thousand reasons.

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Karen, I mean Kristen, they are all blackmailed. I don't care who they are pulling for, wake up. This is all being run by other people. Not Trump, not Biden.

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