It's interesting that you mentioned hummingbirds. We were surprised to find them still coming to our feeders in January! We had a cold spell just before Christmas and I was alternating feeders to keep them from freezing. We've lived in this house for more than twenty years but this is the first time we've had a lot of hummers. We've put feeders out before and might have one or two but they've been coming to our feeders since back in the fall. I thought the ones here were transients but have since learned they stay in Texas year-round. They're fascinating little birds.

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The things that made me smile this week...my son wearing his neon pink t-shirt required for his job at a frozen yogurt shop. My husband and son taking down the backyard Christmas lights together. Football on TV on cold days. A friend saying let’s skip the crab feed at the school and just have crabs at our house. (Why are large functions so taxing these days?) A photo of our past teenage babysitter now at her own baby shower. Seeing either or both of my daughters’ names pop up showing they have sent me a text. ❤️

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I still gasp in surprise and giggle when I see deer where I live – while it wasn’t unheard of to run into the occasional deer in my hometown, where I live now, it’s incredibly common. Deer on people’s front lawns, nibbling at the flowers. Deer gingerly crossing the roads.

Rabbits and squirrels too – in particular, the fat squirrel that likes to parade outside of my patio window. I enjoy fat-shaming him, before throwing some crumbs for him to eat.

The first sip of a well-made flat white, or expertly crafted cocktail.

Finding a new place to explore.

Stepping off a plane into sunshine, or, conversely, into English dreariness.

The realisation that I’m really enjoying the book I’m reading.

My husband doing his sloth-scratching-its-butt impression (he rarely does it, because he knows how much it makes me laugh – special occasions only).

Sitting in my parents’ garish yellow kitchen, having a cup of coffee and listening to my dad tell jokes with nonsensical punchlines, him coughing with laughter as he delivers them.

Videos of my sweet tiny niece and nephew, delivered about 5-10 times daily to my WhatsApp.

Making a new dish and seeing my husband’s eyebrows raise in appreciation as he takes the first bite.

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Anything with my family. Family time is undefeated! I have a niece who just got married and just recently had a beautiful baby boy who literally has more hair than me. And a second niece has one in the oven. Extremely proud of the oldest niece who is in the national guard and her day job is an ER nurse. I'm convinced she's going to save the world. I've never seen a 23 year old with their shit more together. And she is going to propose to her girlfriend this weekend so we're all excited about that!

Outside of the fam what makes me smile? Me and my two best friends solving the world's problems one case of beer at a time. Notre Dame stadium/football. The first few notes of any smashing pumpkins song. Flying into Chicago. Making chicken and dumplings on a cold day. Sarcasm. A great shit post or meme. And most of all, making memories.

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