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Sorry.. Android is better !

if the pixel phones could have a stylus+ poco 3 battery. Make it light and SSD battery. One phone to rule them all.

Nvidia shield tablet was the best thing ever. Nintendo squashed that progress.

People should start snapping their fingers

Don't go ride a horse the clapping of the hoof might give the ❄️❄️❄️ pts

Anyone ever start The Wave at an event?

Schwear to bujezus. Put the dipshits in their own category.

The Babylon Bee is a nice change of pace.

When did entertainment stop being an escape from reality to mirroring it?

People went to the movies to escape.

Went to an old time theater that played black and white films. Psycho was playing. We did 30 minutes of questions and rewards at the theater about aspects of that movie.

What did they use for blood? was the question we won.

Anyone wanna try?

Hint: it's used as/in ✌️ .

But a billion koala bears died in Australia.

We slaughterd so much live stock around covid.

People forget to early.

Why don't they fix the friggin forest fires by going through and removing the underbrush. Why did we stop that?? Wouldn't that combat more of the problem ... Just saying fckig stupidity.

Kanye started losing it in this episode.

He was crying for help lol

Fuunnny lol

Your yoda was getting better every time. You could imitate voices, if you really put effort in during a break here or there.

I was doing vocal warm ups and learning how to make my voice a scream voice like the bands: Finch, Haste the Day, Flyleaf, The Agonist, Linkin Park, Lauren Babic, etc..

does Sam F'n F have a page to view her photography?

Screen time . You can choose to listen. I feel like exercising my ears and listening to shows is fun sometimes.

Challenge : eat a meal and close you eyes for a minute and enjoy the food in your mouth. Experience something old in a new way.


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