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I know the community is large. I have infinite patience points. Experience to spend nowhere. I will use thim for this community if no one objects. Just want to help. I could give πŸ’©πŸ’© other than being a creative. " If I were a fish" - Corook = my current song I have on repeat when nothing sounds right.

"right time, right space , right place "- you

Your old Walk-ins Welcome relate to me, so I will be powering 1 a days with that show.

As many DF's as my brain can soak up

Be a 🧽

The rehearsal thing reminds me of the pop up dances

Can someone please give a true definition of climate change?

The dust channel on YouTube has great short films.

This goes to one about being hypersensitive to yourself and surroundings


Now it's the Lost Voices of Fentynal

Define "special"

LIve chats are sociology.. I did Russell Brands live chat @ 9 am on the 3 of May, 2024. Early chat changed at 11 and then new people came. it was around 40 different instant conversations, the tone changed in the chat from fun and light to crazy groupies. Thought it was a perspective people don't know of.

If you want to compete with Matt Stone and Trey Parker.?

Start a brainstorm area on Substack.

Substorming? Ideas for a title are welcome.

Make a creative think tank to brainstorm ideas and share the rewards.

Don't be a Dick is your mantra for this site?

Find real people and what happen to online chatrooms. The non pedo ones.

Anyone remember AIM?

Isabel Brown, Dave Rubin

I like their mashups

Tenet media is small and fun on Rumble

For anyone who sees this or even cares.

Bill Maher today - Phetasy community/ admins

What you think of him today? Still break you?

Every time I hear something that reminds me of this I will say it. WEF agenda 2016 why do civilizations collapse.

Just saying

I'm being more proficient in using outside text editors. Substack still has problems. Fool me once fool me twice

You should make a tally of all the platforms you have used since the birth of the internet. You could to a writing prompt for everything from American instant message, the early days of email, Myspace , etc...

Hilarious as always


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