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The latchkey kids

Pronouns are for dipshits. All I hear is: durka durka durka freaking durr .

You mean the climate change activist are creating the problem.? Is their brand crisis as well?

I think it's funny how far Whitney Cummings has come since E! Entertainment.

Comedy is part of life. Why the 💩 is the world so serious?

true artistic people are crazy. That's why their art is so great to See. Hear. Do. Smell. Touch. Etc..

A Viking funeral is my dream funeral.... It won't matter cause I'll be dead. But it would look cool.

You got CAnCelled from the left at the beginning of that nonsense

You read the history of monopoly? Dedicated

Strooong Women -South Park

🔥Two close friends are employed as guinea pigs for a pharmaceutical company. Each episode deals with the different "Research Products" given to the "Test Subjects". There are other stories playing throughout the seasons.

----/It's a funny show if you have never seen it. Pure comedy all/every episode. "Testees" by Kenny Hotz and Derek Harvie. 🔥

"I don't want to wait for China to take over "-; Dumpster Fire

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