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I think it's funny that you do sound effects because I used to do them a lot. Probably from watching too much Caddyshack, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Police Academy. Are they cultural appropriating hats in the political form?

Who did it better: Jesse Smollett or Tiger Woods.

way out in left field: I miss Bernie Mac for some reason

symbol section reminds me of V for Vendetta

You mean the school took a $15,000 bribe?

The beginning of the end for women's rights and full force.

I can't believe you were talking about Joe Biden, who couldn't find his way around, geriatrics running the country lizard people.

Funny thought, I wonder when the first time Joe Biden s*** his pants on live TV?

So it was you who started the JK Rowling hate.?? Just kidding, but seriously you have a prediction ability or something.

Antonio Brown was pre Kanye, Kanye

I'm pretty sure that Echo Chambers are dumb. A Think Tank is better sub Stacks should create a section

What happened to Caryn Elaine Johnson? Did MK-Ultra get her?

"Have my doctor hack my butt plug stat" lol

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