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Because money

That's the rules that covid hyped

Rules for the rich to oppress the poor

Because image is everything lol

The void. That's what I feel like I'm doing.

Does it matter if I talk. Or am I in a boat with no oars spinning nowhere. I will because I don't care

Because there is no such thing as a grey area anymore. It's one side vs everyone else

The "Mostly peaceful" protests

Glad I'm not on Instagram or the bullshit that is false media


Main stream misinformation Nazi cunts

Hold your ground JK Rowling

Imagine a world with no resistance?

I feel like the "trans" is "The Third Wave " movement. - Ron Jones...

What is freedom?

Chaz - WEF agenda 2016 why do civilizations collapse

There sholuld be a: Who did black face better? montage... Include all the rich and the famous

Because all people are exactly the same color.... Oh wait, everyone ever, no matter what color, will never be the exact same color. No pigment is the same

Anyone who is white and male, should go on strike. Let the fckers learn the hard way. Make everyone who thinks "white privilege" is a thing? Go make something original assholes .

Was George Floyd a Psyops? Just asking, cause hindsight

Chappelles Congressional Smackdown. MTG vs the Dems.. Trump vs Biden.

Elon is our generations innovator

TV is a waste of time

Because reality TV is reality??

"We'll take you clothes, cash,cars, and homes just stop complaining" - Good Charlotte

Word for whoever sees this - Anhedonia

Nobody knows who I am. Do I exist?

Ashton Kutcher should have punked the whole world, instead of being a little bitch.

Can you cancel the uncancelable ?

A durka durka durka dur

I hate the world in this era

I nominate You all for "Hot Ones "

Never stop being you!

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