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Leave The Lesbians Alone

Dumpster Fire #144

Did Biden poop his pants in Normandy? Trump has been convicted, now what? If the Ayatollah and Al Qaeda are commending you are you really on the right side of history? Hamas Girl Summer has a fashion line, Queers for Palestine can't make up their minds, lesbians are being banned from lesbian dating apps for saying no to penises, Amazon tribe gets hooked on porn, and Bridget rants about Fauci.

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0:00 - Senile-In-Charge

3:49 - Troll Convicted

10:11 - Bridget's Standup Appearances

13:00 - What Is Happening?

15:06 - Hamas Girl Summer

18:37 - Sheath Underwear

19:43 - Chickens Come Home To Roost

22:33 - Nothing Matters

24:15 - Weather

25:02 - WOMEN!

29:07 - Quest & BON CHARGE

31:32 - Dumpster Diving

37:42 - Breaking Bridget


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Dumpster Fire is a satirical show, created and hosted by comedian Bridget Phetasy, that takes a look at the week in news, current events, and politics. We make burgers out of your sacred cows. Delicious.