Somehow missed this episode until just now (June 29th). You made me laugh out loud with the Biden pooping his pants stuff. Oh Lord - how can I be so immature?? (& I'm 71 years old!!!) Anyway. Thanks for that laugh - I always need them! I also much enjoyed your rant about Fauci & masks & the 6 feet bullshit - & the whole horrendous Covid shit show. Too many people aren't pissed about that, & ought to be - in my not-always-humble opinion. None of us emerged from that horror show unscathed. I think none of us are who we were pre-2020. And not in a good way. The people who visited it all upon us should be punished. And they won't be. Sigh. Anyway. Thanks for some laughs - they always help!!

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Oh one more little annoying thing:

I am so sick of Democrats screaming, “Trump will end democracy!” When they did Bernie so bad in 2016 AND 2020(see Iowa’s finally tally where Bernie got more votes but Pete got more delegates) AND they are the party of superdelegates!

I live i the NorthEast: I saw on NH primary day 2024, these Democrat idiots(sorry-no other word fits) waving signs saying “Write in Biden.” 🤔🤷🤪🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

What kind of brain dead do you have to be, to write in Biden on a ballot, when Biden & the DNC had already announce they were voiding the NH delegates?!?

Ok, and now my rant is done.

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Ok. I voted Stein in 16, Howie in 20 because I refused to vote for Democrats with their superdelegates or Trump with his super shadiness.

I am now actively pushing other to vote as I will this time-for Trump.

You wanted to know why, what changed?

Reality changed, my friends. And the list of Biden Presidency destructions just kept adding up, and KEEPS adding up.

I don’t really need to look before his Presidency, but let’s wander down memory lane and review some of Biden’s problems of the past:

-He had to drop from his 1st run for President because he couldn’t stop lying

-He wrote the crime bill

-he celebrated known racist Storm Thurmond and Robert Byrd

-He wrote the bill that makes School debt the only item you can’t write off in a bankruptcy! Why no one is calling him out on his “I’m going to forgive student debt(with your taxes)” instead of repealing the law that HE WROTE?!? 🤦‍♂️

-there is literal video of him bragging about his Ukrainian quid pro quo as VP.

-he was VP when they ran a coup on Ukraine AND when they did Libya dirty

-everybody knows HE’s the racist “you ain’t black!”

Whew! So all that alone made me not vote for him in 2020. I voted Howie. So Biden has had 4 years to earn my vote instead of fear mongering for it. So let’s look at just some of his Presidential CRIMES- all easily provable:

-he refitted the Taliban with our military equipment

-border crisis; of which I am most livid about him stopping the genetic testing of children crossing with adults to make sure they are related; a Trump action meant to stop child sex traffic. You know how they spin that? “We stopped the separation of children from their parents at the border.” WTF?!?

-His Pentagon sent $6BILLION more than was allotted to Ukraine in the 1st aid package. My suggestion went unheard, that they short the second aid package by $6 billion and five that money to the people who lost their homes in Maui.

-What happened to the “Ukraine has a Neo-Nazi problem.?” reports from 2018?

What are we weaponizing Azov Nazis?

-You may not agree with this one, but he continues to fund/allow the genocide in Gaza. I am not deep diving into this more than to say in the time it took me to write this, 3 more children in Gaza just died.

-Whenever anyone says, “Trump’s a felon and Biden isn’t,” I drop Missouri V Biden on them. You do know the 2nd name in any suit is the defendant, right? So Missouri sued him over violations of free speech-and he lost and was told to immediately stop communicating with social media platforms.

One guy was found guilty for hiding how he paid hush money for an encounter 10 years before his presidency….the other was found guilty of violating YOUR 1st amendment rights

-SCOTUS rules the Vax Jab mandates were unconstitutional; a fact Biden admits would probably happen, but “we’ll get a lot of Vax done before their ruling.”

-He tore up Title 9

-Jailed political dissidents. I am specifically talking about the GOP guy who made the meme about voting for Hillary by text. The EXACT same meme was made by a Democrat supporter targeting Republican voters, but they got nothing.

-The inhumane treatment of the Jan6th political prisoners.

-apologizing to the murderous illegal alien.

-reinstalling all the Trump border measures that he rescinded as soon as he took office, but just for the election

-NOW right NOW he has greenlit the use of highly tactical missiles to be fired into Russia. They can lie all they want, but we know it’s not the Ukrainians firing the equipment, it’s our “military advisors.”

Meanwhile, Russia has just moved some of its Navy to the south side of Cuba🤦‍♂️

And this last one really was what started me looking at Trump: He blew Nordstream. Stormy blew Trump but Biden blew Nordstream. Environmentalist measure the damage done is the greatest man made ecological disaster since Nagasaki. Let that sink in. It is worse than the Exon Valdez and the Gulf of Mexico explosion; remember how media covered those?

So if you are a climate “activist” and plan to vote Biden, please explain that to me.

When I rant like this I usually end with the 2021 Christmas message from Biden. Trump has mean tweets, but telling the Unvaxed they are in for a “winter of death” is beyond the pale.

So that’s why I am not voting Green or Libertarian or RFKjr, If ever there was a much much much lesser of two evils, Trump is far less evil than Biden.


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Re AI price fixing and price fixing in general, if you want to know what grocery products are being price fixed, you can get an idea by looking at the prices for the same products at Trader Joe's that are significantly less and with equally good if not better quality. For example, I've been wondering how TJ can price their shampoos, pasture raised eggs!, etc so much cheaper than even the basic commercial brands. They explained it in their latest podcast's short episode:


Basically, they said the market has a set price that sellers usually sell at, but they choose to not follow it. In other words, there're a lot of price fixing going on like Bridget said, and TJ decides not to join in.

BTW, the long seasonal episodes of the Trader Joe podcast are very entertaining and I highly recommend them. The co-hosts Tara Miller and Matt Sloan, are fantastic at not taking themselves and their podcast seriously by pretending to take what they're saying VERY seriously. They talk like the most pressing matter in the world right now is the sheet cake selections included the lemon flavor. I'm among everyone who are turned off by commercials but they're so entertaining to listen to I actually subscribed to voluntarily listen to them promote their stuff.

Their short episodes are more informational and I listen of skip depending on whether the topics interest me.

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Boy. Sam’s a little upset so early on a Sunday morning.

What did the Lesbians do to hurt him? (Or Trump?)

Great Episode, as ALWAYS, Bridget. I also loved the WIW with Nellie Bowles.

Keep on keeping on!

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FJB, and the Lesbians.

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The trial is a broken, the verdict is flaw, s total target on The Republic our Nation a Republic, is under invasion, we are left with all sort, of lies, Who Cares what Trump does in his private life...you maybe laughing now but your not any better for running your mouth, U don't walk on water, so shut up.

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