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Hamas Girl Summer - College Protests, Biden’s Pause, TikTok Ban, Everyone Is A Spy & Killer Robots

Dumpster Fire #141

What will happen to Dumpster Fire if Biden is reelected? What will the kids do if TikTok is really banned? Who will use a flamethrowing robot dog to cook a turkey? Are the kids and the furries teaming up to troll us all?

0:00 - What Is Happening

6:35 - Senile-In-Chief

14:02 - Get Rekt, China

15:45 - Sheath Underwear

17:56 - Weather

18:22 - Get Rekt, Big Tech

20:30 Dumpster Diving

22:56 - Bridget Appearances

26:26 - Breaking Bridget

35:05 - Phetasy News

37:56 - The Internet Is Glorious

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Tulsi Gabbard's episode of Walk-Ins Welcome -


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