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F*ck Around And Find Out - Dumpster Fire 140


Is it humanly possible to find and unbiased jury for Trump? Who just discovered you can't threaten public officials to their faces without consequences? What will an entire generation of female athletes have to do to fix women's sports? What does Bridget have saved for the apocalypse?

0:00 - Troll Indicted

4:03 - F*ck Around And Find Out

7:01 - Patriarchy So Crafty

9:56 - Weather

10:56 - Siri, Please Take My Life

13:17 - BON CHARGE

14:34 - Dumpster Diving

17:39 - Breaking Bridget

22:16 - Phetasy News

22:46 - The Internet Is Glorious

Watch Helen Joyce's episode of Walk-Ins Welcome -


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