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All The Adults In Charge Are Power Hungry Liars

Dumpster Fire 139

All the promises the politicians are making in order to stay in power, the Juice is no longer loose, being Moon Pilled and Bridget's strange visceral hatred.

0:00 - Old-In-Chief

5:42 - This F*ckin' Guy

10:44 - Sheath Underwear

11:54 - Cool Science Sh*t

20:02 - Weather

20:24 - You're Not Crazy

22:00 - Gen Z Discovers

24:50 - HaHa Hot Sauce

25:44 - Dumpster Diving

30:16 - Breaking Bridget

40:02 - Phetasy News

42:04 - The Internet Is Glorious

Watch Norm Macdonald Rip on O.J. -

Get Moon Pilled -


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