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Two Chicks At The Same Time

Dumpster Fire #138

Elon's Neuralink goes live, the only proper use of "they/them," JK Rowling should be President of the World, and Bridget reminisces about Mad Dog 2020.

0:00 - Chickens Come Home To Roost

5:48 - My Nemesis Is At It Again

7:42 - WOMEN!

9:25 - RIP Lizzo

11:26 - What Is Happening?

14:20 - Weather

14:47 - BON CHARGE

16:07 - Parade of Morons

19:45 - Gen Z Discovers

21:30 - Dumpster Diving

22:32 - Breaking Bridget

27:06 - Phetasy News

29:07 - The Internet Is Glorious

Watch the full Normal World Neuralink sketch featuring Bridget -


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