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Will Boobs Unite or Divide Us?

Dumpster Fire #136

How much trouble did Bridget get in over Sydney Sweeney's boobs? Did Trump bribe the Supreme Court with Never Surrender Hightops? What will the name "Dr. Jill's Milk Cannons" be used for? Has the Unwokening begun?

0:00 - WOMEN!

8:15 - Old-In-Chief

9:49 - Troll-In-Exile

11:39 - Get Rekt China

15:37 - Sheath Underwear

16:38 - Chickens Come Home To Roost

18:35 - Weather

18:59 - Never Woke Enough

20:13 - The Unwokening

23:29 - BON CHARGE

24:39 - Dumpster Diving

26:06 - Breaking Bridget

30:04 - The Internet Is Glorious

Read Bridget's Sydney Sweeney article -


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