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The Titanic Was An Inside Job - Dumpster Fire 113

Who was behind the sinking of the Titanic? Why didn't The Californian respond? Did the White House intruder want to take a bath with Taft? Will Ol' Bridget Phetasy ensure a lifeboat for every pleb?

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00:00 - Introduction

00:53 - An Ocean Liner For Every Pleb

04:06 - Freemason Corner w/Sammy Flaps n' Folds

05:08 - BDE/RIP

5:52 - Get Rekt China

7:02 - Weather

7:14 - WOMEN!

8:01 - Dumpster Diving

9:33 - Breaking Bridget

12:51 - The Moving Pictures Are Glorious


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Dumpster Fire is a satirical show, created and hosted by comedian Bridget Phetasy, that takes a look at the week in news, current events, and politics. We make burgers out of your sacred cows. Delicious.