2 + 2 = Math Is Racist - Dumpster Fire 128


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Is Gavin Newsom selling Commiefornia to China? Is math really racist? Is Kim Kardashian a genius or the ultimate troll? Will Bridget start selling her armpit hair?

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0:00 - Introduction

2:43 - Important Stories We're Ignoring

4:03 - Electile Dysfunction 2024

7:07 - RIP

8:22 - Everything Is Racist

12:11 - Sheath Underwear

13:14 - Get Rekt Big Pharma

15:40 - Capitalism Always Wins

18:38 - Weather

19:19 - Crowdhealth

20:33 - Dumpster Fire Couple

23:31 - Gen Z Discovers

29:01 - Dumpster Diving

31:14 - Breaking Bridget

36:54 - Phetasy News

39:07 - The Internet Is Glorious


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