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This Is What Happens...

Dumpster Fire #132

What were the global repercussions of shutting down Pedo Island? Should blocking traffic to the airport be a federal offense? How dark can our dark jokes get? What would Bridget do with a trillion dollars?

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0:00 - Introduction

1:14 - Troll-In-Exile

4:47 - What Is Happening?

11:56 - Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

15:46 - Chickens Come Home To Roost

18:35 - Get Rekt, China

20:48 - Sheath Underwear & CrowdHealth

23:17 - Weather

23:38 - Patriarchy So Crafty

24:29 - Dumpster Diving

25:42 - Breaking Bridget

29:50 - Phetasy News

31:20 - The Internet Is Glorious


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PHETASY IS a movement disguised as a company. We just want to make you laugh while the world burns.


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Dumpster Fire is a satirical show, created and hosted by comedian Bridget Phetasy, that takes a look at the week in news, current events, and politics. We make burgers out of your sacred cows. Delicious.