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Factory Settings Trailer Video

Every worldview has an origin story

Episode One drops tomorrow!

Factory Settings are the default positions. They're less about conscious choices and more about the operating system that was installed when you were a child. Think of your body as the hardware in a computer and your factory settings as the initial operating system. It's all the things that are absorbed throughout your formative years and into adolescence.

These settings are acquired from the world around you, often from your parents and rarely with your consent. From geography, family of origin and socioeconomic status to political affiliations, relationships and education, all of these things play a part in creating your factory settings. And boy, are they hard to change.

So what happens when those default programs become interrupted by experiences that run counter to our built in narratives? Factory Settings is a podcast exploring politics, culture, relationships, mental health, addiction, and media, through the lens of how our built-in biases affect the way we consume information and form opinions.

Every worldview has an origin story.


Subscribers will receive access to the Factory Settings monthly Q&A podcast where Bridget and Jeren answer select questions from community members. They will also have the ability to suggest topics.

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