Nice Non-Man Moobs - Dumpster Fire 115


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What was Trump really doing with those classified documents? Do you know what 'gender affirming care' really means? Is there any greater privilege than hot, blonde twin privilege? Do all trans women have nicer boobs than Bridget?

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00:00 - Introduction

1:53 - Troll Indicted

6:03 - Patriarchy So Crafty

9:37 - Pride Parade of Morons

13:09 - What Is Happening

19:09 - Never Woke Enough

24:04 - Weather

24:36 - Everything Is Racist

27:26 - Siri, Please Take My Life

30:39 - Dumpster Diving

34:43 - Breaking Bridget

38:15 - Phetasy News

40:36 - The Internet Is Glorious


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