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An Interview with Phetasy Founder, Myself.

So what is PHETASY?

PHETASY is a word I made up because I thought it sounded cool.  Now it's also a website, a youtube channel and due to the number of people calling me "Ms. Phetasy" it has become my online last name.

Where did the word PHETASY come from? Is it like, fantasy and fetish put together?

Kind of. A lot of people say that, although I don't specifically remember putting those two words together and having the AHA!! moment. It was more than just the way it sounded, it was the way it looked too. But I wasn't just looking for a cool word. I was looking for a cool word to describe a feeling.

And what feeling is that?

My whole life has been spent in search of the perfect word that describes the feeling that I am continually the butt of the gods’ cosmic jokes.

They already invented that word, it’s called irony.

I disagree with you, Self.  Irony is a word commonly misused in our culture. The definition of irony is when the opposite of what’s expected happens. But a PHETASY is when irony becomes literal, so it’s not when the opposite of what you expect happens, it’s when exactly what you hoped wouldn’t happen — happens.

So a PHETASY is a misfortunate accident?

No, a PHETASY does not behave like an "accident" at all--in fact, it is a moment, or a series of moments, that seem too perfectly orchestrated to be anything other than fate. The clearest example of this in our culture is the bizarre way everything comes together on the show Seinfeld. It’s a moment of divine sarcasm; a coincidence that proves there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Wouldn’t that be serendipity?

No, serendipity is a fortunate accident.

So you believe a PHETASY is an act of God?

In the words of Calvin, “Well someone’s out to get me.”