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Book Recommendations


We here at PHETASY are big, giant dorks, but we're ok with it.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Send your thoughts and favorite books to What are your favorite books and why? Does anyone even read any more? Can you even read this?

*all the blurbs about the books are done by me (Bridget) and are only my stupid opinion, so don’t go throwing any hissy-fits about what a bad reviewer I am. This is not a review. These are merely suggestions (some stronger than others) and in no particular order.

MEDIATED by Thomas De Zengotita: EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK NOW. I don’t know how this one slipped through the cracks. It’s coming out in paperback in February. Go rent it or buy it, and read it. Be prepared to have your mind blown. Mr. De Zengotita is brilliant and should be recognized for taking a moment to stop and reflect on mediation and how it is forever changing the way we perceive to live.

FREAKONOMICS by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner: These guys are cool. Their theories and the way they prove them are even cooler.

GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL by Jared Diamond: WARNING--THIS IS NOT AN EASY READ, but if you find the origins of man remarkable, you will totally dig this book. But even then it can be a struggle at times; if you can get through the part about the grain, well, you sir are a better man than I.

COLLAPSE by Jared Diamond: Ok, I’m not going to lie; his second one is a heavy book too. But if you are like everyone else I know and keep saying things like, “it seems like the whole world is coming to an end,” and want to know why, then this is the book for you. Ecocide. How’s that for a word!

THE END OF POVERTY by Jeffrey Sachs: This guy has done more in his life than most of us will do in 10 –a rock star shaping the global economy. Such a rock star that Bono wrote the forward to this book. Don’t let that throw you off though. Mr. Sachs makes some damn good points.

THE TIPPING POINT by Malcom Gladwell: Gladwell’s first book pointing out the tricky ways in which marketing successfully works on our psyche. It has become a book that every marketing student in the country reads before they finish school. It’s funny how that works. Gladwell takes complex psychological studies and makes them reader-friendly.

BLINK by Malcom Gladwell: More crazy studies and creepy evidence that we have all been brainwashed by commercials and are completely out of touch with our most important asset, our instincts.

THE BLANK SLATE by Steven Pinker: Very heavy in the psychological terminology and jargon as Pinker discusses the “modern denial of human nature,” but absolutely worth the work.

FROM DAWN TO DECADENCE by Jacques Barzun: History buffs will love this one. From 1500 to the present, it covers a lot of ground in the history of Western culture and why we think the way we think.

TRICKSTER MAKES THIS WORLD by Lewis Hyde: If you like the trickster mythology, or mythology in general, then you will love this book. Hyde is an impressive intellectual and an even better storyteller.

ON BULLSHIT by Harry Frankfurt: A really small book with a lot of really big words. I just think it’s cool someone took the time to analyze the meaning of bullshit.