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    *We reserve the right to mock you mercilessly

    Someone emailed this to me on Facebook and beware world, ANY TIME you email me feedback, ANYWHERE it's considered a Letter to the Pheditors.  This is her exact email with names removed and my response.  Read it and weep...with laughter.

    "A Whale of a Tale"
    After the letters of outrage were sent in two weeks in a row, several people came to Bridget's defense - causing a town debate... over a dead whale... who would have thought.

    "Something Stinks Around Here"
    It is truly amazing how riled up people can get over something as controversial as a dead whale.

    I went to your site and perused for a while. Holy shit, you're a blogging queen. I went through your top ten list of beliefs. I have to say I'm on board with all of it. Let the revolution begin! I've been patiently waiting for a good revolution...

    It's pretty awesome how you're just creating everyday without real concern
    for the results. Seems like it's paying off in an amazingly satisfying
    way for you. Also nice that the spiritual and the wise-assedly worldly
    co-exist so effortlessly, as it should be.

    These were the first two "love" Letters to the Editor sent in about Gephyrophobia. Bridget was honored.

    Dear “Pheditors” (that’s not even a word by the way)
    I feel violated at my exposure to your highly offensive and explicit ecards. I was simply searching for a nice “Get Well Soon” card to send to an ailing friend and I stumbled upon your website.