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    We all make choices that are life changing. Some of those choices can be labeled as “good”, some as “bad.” But the majority of the decisions we make are small, daily ones, that seem to have no consequence at all in the present and can’t be given any kind of specific label, however they all add up to what becomes our life. And then there are the decisions you make where there is no going back.

    This blog is going to be long one. We have some catching up to do. Since we have been back and forth between Miami and Fort Lauderdale for the past week, our web service has been pretty sporadic. Lemmee tell ya…promoting a new business ain’t easy. The days are filled with peddling and hustling. The nights are filled with promotion and sticker rampages. All in all it has been a giant, exhausting, learning experience.

    Check out our shirt!

    Peddling merch in the sun sure is hard work. Yesterday was great. We had an 80% selling ratio. We had some hard luck selling shirts today however. Sean didn’t sell anything, but he did get slapped five times. The most memorable was when he approached a young lady and suggested that she looked like the type of girl that would wear a “Daddy would be proud” shirt. Shortly after he was slapped in the face, he was seen sprinting down South Beach by previously mentioned girl’s daddy.

    We Made It

    So.  We made it safe and relatively sound. (Despite the monsoon and 25 straight hours in a car.) And yes, we were sitting poolside by 8pm drinking a well-deserved beer after our very long drive.  There will be many more details regarding the trip, but for now, we are getting some grub and hitting Miami.  Sean and I have yet to experience it, so it should be interesting.  We are going to gather our wits, get some rest, and hopefully be able to coherently articulate our thoughts tomorrow.  For now, check out Sean's RANDOM ROAD THOUGHTS below.

    But most importantly--a big shout out to Gordy for putting us up (and putting up with us) and popping our Miami cherries.  I can't imagine a better host. Until tomorrow amigos....

    We’ve been busy little beavers here at PHETASY. We should apologize to those of you in NYC—due to some unexpected tire trouble and impending weather conditions, we’re just going to have to push on through. Sorry to the guys in HEAVY RESCUE. We made a Herculean effort, but just couldn’t get on the road soon enough.

    You heard it here first.   PHETASY is heading out on the road.  We figured we had nothing else better to do, so we decided to go on tour.   Don’t worry.   We’ll come to you.

    Lovin' It

    This time of year sucks.  It’s cold.  Everyone looks pale and sickly.  Relationships are touchy and strained from too much time indoors.  People are grumpy.  It’s flu season and tax season coming right on the heels of the most alienating holiday ever--Stupid Valentine’s Day.

    My Candy

    Ok. So with iTunes rockin’ the Peter Gabriel, I begin my countdown to vDay. Today we’re going to rap about candy. I am going to analyze vDay candy hearts and examine why the hell they’re so weird and exactly what messages we are ingesting about love. I got my first bag of candy for the holiday and was just reading some of the actual sayings on these things. THEY’RE FUCKIN’ NUTS!!!:

    State of the Union

    I still can't believe this guy is president.

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