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    "We are always comparing what we are with what we should be.  This measuring ourselves all the time against something or someone is one of the primary cause of conflict.  Now why is there any comparison at all?  If you do not compare yourself with another--you will be what you really are."

    For what might be the very first time in my whole adult life, I have what some might call, “my shit together” (I don’t even want to know the etymology of that phrase, although the idea of googling “etymology of phrase ‘my shit together’” is almost too tempting to resist).  See what I mean, people?  I’ve been writing for 2 frigging minutes and I’ve already found something else to do. This is how writing has been going lately.

    Here is a list of the other things I’ve found to do other than writing today:

    Spin Cycle

    "You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
    You must learn to see the world anew."
    - Albert Einstein.

    Well, these columns are going to be interesting.  Upon sitting down to write this yesterday and today, I am able to clearly see one of the biggest reasons I have resisted writing anything on a regular basis—myself.  More specifically, my sometimes extremely negative mental space I inhabit.

    As some of my "friends" may have noticed, I periodically go on and off Facebook.  First of all, it’s amazing how many people take this personally and automatically assume they have been blocked.  I can understand this insecurity.  I can understand them all.  We have entered the New Age World--a world where it is all about us, all the time.

    Obviously we made it to Canada because our anniversary blog was written from Vancouver, but we had to write about our experience getting in. We just wanted to wait until we were safely home in the States before bashing the border patrol. The following is the true story in its entirety.

    It was three months ago yesterday that we headed out on the road, south on the 95 to Miami. At this point it feels like three years ago to both of us. We were filled with enthusiasm, chock full of ideas and had grand pipe dreams of working the festival circuit all summer long. We were willing to do whatever it took to make it happen. But there is a reality to any reality, and as many wonderful things have come our way that we never could have imagined, things have also been much more challenging and difficult than we ever could have fathomed.

    I have hit a wall. Not literally. Metaphorically. It’s a general malaise...

    Here’s my list of lousy excuses for why our blogs have been so sporadic: Since Coachella here is a list of all the places that we have been-

    Photographic highlights of our insane personal experiences at the festival.

    Well folks…we must apologize for the long overdue blog regarding our Coachella Music Fesitval experience. We stuck around to help our boy Eric Ritz from Global Inheritance with the cleanup and breakdown of his Portal Potty exhibit, or as the entire festival production crew referred to them as, the “art shitters.” As a result, we haven’t really had any time until now to sit down and reflect on the whole experience. For your reading pleasure we have divided our experience up into four portions: what we did with Global Inheritance, some of the music we caught, our personal experiences, and the three days of clean up.

    Sorry that the bloggin’ has been sporadic. We have been busy preparing our lives, our car and our business for the impending three-month road trip we are about to embark upon. This has consisted of tying up lots of loose ends, endless meetings and never-ending errand sprees throughout the city. We headed into the desert today equipped with our new tent, our new walkie talkies, a lot of water and a shit load of sunscreen.

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