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Okay.  So this woman hands down, takes the fuckin’ cake.  A virtuoso performance, she sings, she dances, she’s gorgeous, her energy is infectious, she has a message, she created a brilliant alter-ego/sci-fi character and story to go along with it, she started her own label, did I mention she can fuckin' DANCE?—brilliant, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT!!!

Watch out world…here she comes.  Janelle Monae.

It takes one to know one.  Rumor has it, Sir P.Diddy (or whatever the hell he’s goin’ by these days), Himself, blessed the Priestess with a million dollar budget for her  “Many Moons” video based on what he saw at her performance alone.  I don’t know if this is true, but if it is—mad props to Diddy for giving genius a chance to shine.  And I can understand it just based on this video:

If you live in New York and haven’t seen her, you should be ashamed.  If you live in BROOKLYN and haven’t caught her live show by now, you should just quit calling yourself a hipster and move back home with mom and dad.

My friend and contributor to Phetasy introduced me to Janelle the week before I went to Comic-Con.  I kid you not, I ran around San Diego with my Ipod making people listen to her.  I even made a dude dressed like Batman in a cab next to me, repeat her name twice so he would remember it. 

Miss Monae is about to go big.  And she deserves it all and then some.  Check out her website!  It's sick.

"It's not just in some of us. It's in everyone --
And as we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously
give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others."
--Nelson Mandela

A Traitor's Epiphany

When a path has no heart, leave it.

~Carlos Castaneda

A brief history of my love/hate relationship with basketball:

I was born and raised a New England fan, especially when it came to the Red Sox and the Patriots. I stood by my grandfather and cheered like most of Red Sox Nation through the bad years. He waited 80 years to see the Red Sox win a title and died the year before they did it. I like to think he pulled some strings up there for the Sox.

My family however, wasn't that into basketball for whatever reason and so I didn't really start watching the game until I moved to Minnesota in high school. I spent many years watching Garnett struggle to carry his entire Timberwolves team.

Then one day, I ate some mushrooms and went to a high school basketball game. All I could hear were the stop and go squeaks from the sneakers and it traumatized me from the game for quite some time. For years I just couldn't bring myself to watch basketball; the only thing I could focus on was that dreadful sound.

In 1999 I moved to Los Angeles and got over the basketball flashback syndrome. Because this was where I started watching the game again, and L.A. was my new home, I became a dreaded Lakers fan. And because I consider myself to be a devoted fan once I have chosen a team, even when I moved back East for 6 six years, (and despite protests from friends
and family and the fact that I was cheering for the Sox and the Pats), I still maintained my Laker loyalty.

When Boston got Garnett at the beginning of the season, I called that they would win the championship. And although it was a tough decision for me because something just didn't feel right, I still stood by the Lakers.

Until last night.

When I was getting ready to go over to my friend's house to watch the game (he and his whole family are born and raised Los Angelans and obviously die-hard Lakers fans) I kept putting on my Red Sox hat and then taking it off.

What was going on with me? Deep inside my heart I felt like a traitor for even rooting for the Lakers and knew that my actions were showing me who I truly wanted to win.

But I left my Red Sox hat behind and stayed determined to cheer for who I thought was my team, ignoring the cries of my heart. By the second quarter of the game, after a couple of beers and shot of Patron, my true colors started to show. And they were green.

"This is why I hate the Lakers and their fans! This is why you don't deserve to win. It's not even the 3rd quarter and you and your team have already collectively thrown in the towel! You might as well be cheering for the Celtics right now!"
I found myself yelling at the people around me. Like their primadonna team, they had already given up.

I wasn't angry at them though, I was angry at myself.

"And this is why I love New England!" I yelled. "Because they never give up! Never give up! Never ever, ever, ever, ever give up! Even when the odds are against you. Even when you don't have the advantage. Especially when you are losing."

The Lakers however, looked defeated in the 2 quarter. And that's exactly why they were. Because losing is a mentality. And the Lakers are sore losers. Crybaby, whiny, bad sportsman. They start losing the game and just throw in the towel--so here comes the inevitable blowout.
The Celtics fought hard until the last play and they were winning by 30. Because unlike the Lakers, who are all ego and all talk, the Celtics have heart.

When a path has no heart, leave it. Immediately. Don't hesitate and don't look back. So right there and then, I abandoned ship and returned to my roots.

I could no longer help but cheer them on. As they continued to roll over the Lakers, my heart was screaming and despite the fact that I was surrounded by bored, sleeping Lakers fans--the hoots, hollers and claps came bursting forth. It felt good. Most importantly, it felt right.

It's hard when you move all the time. You become like a ship with no anchor in a sea of options. And although I am ashamed for ever even thinking I could root for any team other than a New England team, I learned a valuable lesson: home is truly where the heart is. And although I might be based out in LaLa Land, my heart will always be in New England.

Dis Is Rad

For those of you with 8 minutes to spare of your life, spend it watching this: Das Rad. It's a brilliant claymation short everyone should see.

A Moment of Zen

Thank you Todd Weaver for the photo--I would give anything to be back in that moment. You folks at home can thank him too (just for being such a straight up dude) and check out his work at And if you're one of the many industry fat cats checking out this site, hire this man immediately...he's fucking good.


(Somewhat) Daily Whoroscope
Brought to You By:
The Angriest Little Girl In the World

Take it all in and really remember this moment. The sky is indeed falling, markets are truly collapsing, the seas are over fished and all the trees are cut down…but you still have to do your taxes. The bottom isn't falling out, the bottom is long gone. However, the social agreements we have with one other are changing. The best part is that the geniuses in charge still haven’t figured it out yet. Use their denial to your advantage--while they aren't looking, quickly and quietly mobilize everyone you know. It is either the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning but global revolution is surely at hand; recognize your part in it and step up to the plate. Don't let who you think you are stop you from becoming who you are meant to be.

Evolve or Die

(Somewhat) Daily Whoroscope
Brought to you by:
The Angriest Little Girl In the World

Your parents tell you that every generation feels this way, but the truth is, at no time in the history of mankind did we hold in our hands the choice to collectively self-destruct or the power to make a positive global shift in consciousness. Stay positive young ones and hang on; confusion always precedes clarity. Whether the old regime wants to admit it or not, systems are crumbling everywhere. And while the baby boomers scratch their heads in denial and continue to sell their kids the same outdated bullshit rhetoric that hasn’t even served them, the rest of us need to set ourselves to the task of saving the humans. Resist the urge to say fuck it. Your actions of this moment set the stage for tomorrow. Use your time wisely. It’s more precious than ever.

Chants Marching

Somewhat Daily Whoroscope
Brought to you by:
The Angriest Little Girl In the World

While standing in line at the bank watching CNN you will be overcome with acute nausea brought on by the ridiculous coverage of the hullabaloo in San Fran over the Olympics Torch Relay. Not only is the spectacle itself ridiculous but the media coverage will manage to make it even more meaningless. The brilliantly absurdist CNN headline: STRONG ANGER VS. STRONG FORCE, further angers you when you realize the retard that wrote that crap makes 50 times more than you. Cringing at the amphibious vehicle driving the torch through the streets, it occurs to you that not only has the whole world lost its mind, but we are a species teetering on the verge of extinction. And judging from the blank stares, most everyone around you went blind a long time ago. Read The Bhagavad Gita tonight and penetrate the illusion.

Daily Whoroscope

Driving home you will ponder why on Earth minivans are still manufactured; they are ugly, dirty and just plain annoying to look at. Just know that God is currently pondering the same thing about humans. Live it up, wrap it up, don’t drink and drive minivans, Remember the Alamo and never forget: The End is Near.

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