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Osama Bin Laden?OR....THIS GUY?If you answered Tom Cruise you are correct.We don't doubt that you don't do anything half-assed Tom Cruisebecause you are 100% crazy!(To interpret Scientology acronyms a...


Years ago when I lived in this building, my friend Koi and I celebrated what we dubbed “The Church of the Unmade Bed” every Sunday. This was back in the days when Joe Frank did his radio...

Pinball Wizard

There are moments in your life when you say something so dim-witted and unintelligent that you know you will never, EVER live it down as long as you are alive. And it’s never around your dumb f...

I got two parking tickets today. That about sums up my day. Sometimes, no matter how optimistic I struggle to remain, I can’t help but feel like “What’s it all for!!!” But ins...

Pre-Yoga: 6:45 pmI’m panicking. Life is just too good. Things can’t be right. I don’t deserve this. It’s all just a dream. I’m going to wake up and the bubble will bu...

Stay Epic

Tinkle Toes

I think this picture says it all.

Procrastination at WorkSo here I am. It’s Monday and I’m trying to think of something brilliant and/or funny to write, which I can’t. So I’m just going to bore you to with my...

Just me.

I don't know much of anything, but.....I know that life is tough for pretty much all species struggling on this blue planet. I am merely a grain of sand passing through. But oh! To make the most of ...