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Okay. So this woman hands down, takes the fuckin’ cake. A virtuoso performance, she sings, she dances, she’s gorgeous, her energy is infectious, she has a message, she created a brillian...

A Traitor's Epiphany

When a path has no heart, leave it.~Carlos Castaneda A brief history of my love/hate relationship with basketball:I was born and raised a New England fan, especially when it came to the Red Sox and ...

Dis Is Rad

For those of you with 8 minutes to spare of your life, spend it watching this: Das Rad. It's a brilliant claymation short everyone should see.

A Moment of Zen

Thank you Todd Weaver for the photo--I would give anything to be back in that moment. You folks at home can thank him too (just for being such a straight up dude) and check out his work at www.toddwe...


(Somewhat) Daily WhoroscopeBrought to You By:The Angriest Little Girl In the WorldTake it all in and really remember this moment. The sky is indeed falling, markets are truly collapsing, the seas are ...

Evolve or Die

(Somewhat) Daily WhoroscopeBrought to you by:The Angriest Little Girl In the WorldYour parents tell you that every generation feels this way, but the truth is, at no time in the history of mankind did...

Chants Marching

Somewhat Daily WhoroscopeBrought to you by:The Angriest Little Girl In the WorldWhile standing in line at the bank watching CNN you will be overcome with acute nausea brought on by the ridiculous cove...

Daily WhoroscopeDriving home you will ponder why on Earth minivans are still manufactured; they are ugly, dirty and just plain annoying to look at. Just know that God is currently pondering the same t...

Wet Dream

Somewhat Daily WhoroscopeYou will dream that you are on your knees giving a billionaire head on his private jet while he watches golf. When you wake up you will realize how this is the perfect metaph...