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    This is How I Feel About the Oscars

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    That's More Like It...

    Before I had MySpace.  Or Facebook.  Or Twitter.  I had Phetasy.  Phetasy turned a whopping NINE this year on January 26th and I let the day come and go without any celebration.  It's long overdue.  I love this fucking site.  She's my baby and I've been neglecting her. 

    And dudes!  Don't forget about the only Valentine's greeting card you'll ever need, a Phetasy original.
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    This Blog is for YOU


    Because if you are coming to check out the Phetasy homepage, you've been coming here for a long, long time.

    You are my original readers, supporters, family and friends.  I love love love you. 

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    Some of my customers told me I should just post my upcoming shows here.

    Duh.  I'm not that bright.


    Saturday, February 14th @8:00pm
    Westside Comedy
    $10 online or at the door

    Sunday, February 15th @9:30
    Flappers Burbank

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    I Escaped LA

    ...and immediately wrote this.  I say that I haven't been writing because I don't consider Twitter & stand up & my journal "real" writing.  Because I need write for Phetasy once a week.  NEED.  Not want.  NEED.  For now this is directly from my journal atop as gorgeous a view as they come...

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