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    Some of my customers told me I should just post my upcoming shows here.

    Duh.  I'm not that bright.


    Saturday, November 8th @7:30pm
    The Comedy Store
    Original Room

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    I Escaped LA

    ...and immediately wrote this.  I say that I haven't been writing because I don't consider Twitter & stand up & my journal "real" writing.  Because I need write for Phetasy once a week.  NEED.  Not want.  NEED.  For now this is directly from my journal atop as gorgeous a view as they come...

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    I Finished A Blog

    I don't know what my problem has been.  This is the longest I've ever gone without posting.  I've been writing, and this is kind of a mixtape of some of those thoughts that have been gathering, drowning me.  Anyway, it's the answer to the cliffhanger I left you all with two years ago when I wrote "Starve A Demon--Feed A Cold" and it's called:

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    New Ish

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    If I have a brilliant 1-liner & don't Tweet it, will I still exist?

    There was a time in my life when I would reflect on things.  I would form sentences & coherent thoughts and strung together these things would create a blog.  That was before...

    Twitter.  You bastard...

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