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    Darling Phetasy just turned 10 on January 26th. She's on a platform that can't handle anything and I need to upgrade the whole thing. In the meantime, she will remain here functioning as a time capsule of sorts.

    I'm currently writing a column for Playboy--you can check out my author page at this link:

    PHETASY ISN'T DEADASY. She's just on hiatus. » Read More


    That's right, after a decade of hustlin', strugglin' and writin' for no good reason, this girl finally caught a break.  In Playboy online nonetheless! 

    You can check out my provocative articles here and here.

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    I've Been Writing Everyday

    I'm at long last trying to get my book together.  I hate literally every word that I write but at least I'm sitting down at the page every. single. day.  Occasionally a blog comes out of all of this nonsense.  This one just kind of flowed.  A letter to my post-future self.

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    This is How I Feel About the Oscars

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    That's More Like It...

    Before I had MySpace.  Or Facebook.  Or Twitter.  I had Phetasy.  Phetasy turned a whopping NINE this year on January 26th and I let the day come and go without any celebration.  It's long overdue.  I love this fucking site.  She's my baby and I've been neglecting her. 

    And dudes!  Don't forget about the only Valentine's greeting card you'll ever need, a Phetasy original.
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